No coding | Convert php website to Android app | wordpress to android

One-time payment


No coding | Convert php website to Android app | wordpress to android

£3.99 One off payment

Was £49.99

This is a hassle free way to create an android application
Compatible with Android Tablets and mobile devices
Pay once, use for life with free future updates
Create app source code in less than a minute
NOTE : APK can take up to 60 minutes to generate
Install APK on any android device with 'Unknown sources' enabled
You can publish to google play store with Android Studio
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✅ No Monthly Fees As part of our launch, there will be zero monthly payments.
✅ LIMITED BETA £3.99 is the beta access price for the first 200 customers.
✅ After beta Once beta prices have expired, you still get full access to the app and analytics with zero monthly fees.
✅ Create apps Create a single app with this product.
✅ Analytics View all your traffic with our analytics viewer.
✅ PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Unlimited notifications
✅ One-off payment Single, on-time payment
✅ QR Code QR codes are provided for direct download of the app from this store.
✅ APK APK file generation is available.
✅ SOURCE CODE Source Code Provided
✅ Fast delivery Create an app source in less than 30 seconds.
✅ APK generated an APK generated within 1 hour
✅ Submit to Google Play You can use on android App store
✅ ADMOB Create with admob banner ads.
✅ Discounted Heavily discounted for beta access

Track Countries and cities using your app

✅ Manage APPS Track all you data inside admin
✅ Track Countries Track all the countries using your app
✅ Count Countries Shows how many users from each country
✅ Track Cities Track which cities that have used your app

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Convert php website to Android app

Convert any website to Android Webview APP

Convert PHP or WordPress website

  • Creating an app will now create an APK File to install on Android.
  • A QR code will be shown in the 'MyApps' section of this site.
  • Scanning this QR will download the app to your device
  • NOTE: You need to enable 'unknown sources' on the device to install directly

Create your app quickly with Android Studio.

This will allow you to generate a single website for an Android.

ADMob BANNER Ads integration is included as standard.

Generate With or without ADMob BANNER ads.

No coding is required.

Once we set up your account you can create an Android app within 30 seconds of logging in.

PLEASE NOTE: Apps will be source code you have to build with Android Studio to install on a device.

You can use these apps anywhere you want to....use them on customer projects, fiver...

You can sell or offer free.

All you need to do is...

1, Log in to our system and click the Create App link

2, Enter the name of your APP

3, Enter the Description of your app

4, Enter SKU of app('')

5, Select the icon for your app

6, Click save and it will save your app for download

7, Open the app in Android Studio Build APK for debugging or release and you are good to go.

You can use with without a Play Store developer account.

---Video Tutorials to show how to build apk---

---Same exact functionality as website---

---Use With WordPress website---

---Use With E-commerce website---